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DTAGS. NEW LOOK. EXPANDING SERVICES. DTAGS is well-known and highly respected for configuring innovative transmission solutions using the vast capabilities of our growing inventory. The DTAGS fully managed encoding, multiplexing and decoding solutions enable customers to transmit multiple HD signals over both fiber and satellite infrastructures. Our solutions combine reliability with the highest bandwidth efficiency.

No matter where there is, We Get It There.™ DTAGS is the gateway to the ANY Where, ANY Source, ANY Platform, ANY Time, ANY Format HUB. It’s that simple. DTAGS continues to grow, consistently setting the standard with our operational excellence and award-winning, innovative digital and transmission services. This is just one way we are expanding our services to meet and exceed customer expectations.



DTAGS has earned the unparalleled reputation for dependable service delivery and superior customer satisfaction throughout the media, broadcast and sports industries. We specialize in flexible, reliable, custom transmission solutions for live sports, news, media and special events, layered with network management, video monitoring, conversion capability and live closed captioning. We capture, create, configure and control ANY Data, ANY Audio or ANY Video products to support this world of fast-paced, highly progressive, changing technology and the unique custom solutions our clients require.

The progression of new technology and viewer requirements are what drive this era of globally transmitting ANY Content. In other words – Take ANY Format of data, video or audio from ANY Where in the world to ANY Where in the world and rely on DTAGS – We Get It There.™ for you.


We transmit and enhance your live content using a combination of DTAGS HUB services and the AT&T backbone:
Encoding | Multiplexing | Streaming | Operational Management | Video Monitoring | Frame Rate Conversion | Format Conversion | Closed Captioning | Decoding | Co-location & Hosting | Commercial Insertion | Occasional or Full-time Transmission Services



DTAGS built a HUB to complement and augment our existing on-site transmission services. The HUB provides customers with more choices and greater versatility necessary in today’s prevalent content environment. The HUB offers customers multiple solutions to a rapidly changing video contribution and distribution market. Our equipment is the most reliable and scalable in the industry enabling unprecedented flexibility. In addition to our capabilities, the HUB’s fully diverse fiber is a gateway to all AT&T GVS services, supporting endless possibilities of transmission and production services. Our HUB and Transmission Operations Center (TOC) are monitored 24/7 by some of the most experienced transmission and production engineers in the industry today. Whether your application requires traditional transmission services over fiber or satellite, or OTT streaming services…the DTAGS HUB works for you because no matter where there is, We Get It There.


The DTAGS HUB provides access to both the wide range of our transmission inventory, and our well-known, highly respected, experienced engineers – without shipping and travel-related expenses. DTAGS will evaluate your specific requirements to provide the most efficient and cost-effective options for your application. Our solutions range from a simple colocation of equipment in our new data center to fully-managed transmission – becoming a seamless extension of your operations.


Remote Production Solutions

Remote production is revolutionizing live event workflow. DTAGS offers solutions which allow customers to migrate elements of production away from the venue and back to their existing facilities. We have several solution options to encode and multiplex multiple video and audio sources with low latency while maintaining essential service timing. Remote production can result in significant cost savings by reducing the number of staff and travel costs, as well as equipment shipping costs required to deliver the service.



The DTAGS inventory consists of several well-known equipment manufacturers, allowing us to offer more choices and greater flexibility to satisfy the expanding needs of our customers.

DTAGS only uses the tested and proven, highest quality broadcast/networking equipment so we can build the most reliable digital and encoding solutions. Some of these solutions are available for both short-term and long-term rentals. Please contact us for specific requests as inventory changes weekly.



DTAGS offers one of the largest and most advanced broadcast transmission inventories in the world. Our facility, coupled with our inventory of hardware/software solutions and AT&T GVS, will satisfy even the most complex transmission requirements. Our dynamic services accommodate 4K, HD, and OTT.


  • Simultaneously Encode & Stream Multiple Games/Events/Meetings
  • Integrated Satellite Uplinks & Downlinks
  • Full-Time Transmission Operations Center (TOC)
  • Redundant Fiber Capacity & Services across AT&T’s GVS (HD/4K, J2K, ASI, Internet, Data Services and more)
  • Occasional or Full-Time Transmission Services
  • Data & IP Video Delivery and Network Management Solutions
  • Single or Multi-Channel Encoding and/or Decoding (H.264, HEVC, HLS, RTMP, MSS, DASH & more)
  • Remote Production Facilities


  • Closed Caption Encoding & Insertion
  • Commercial Insertion
  • Live Insert Studio. DTAGS offers live talkback capabilities out of our TOC, located in Tulsa, OK. Our facility is operational 24/7. We’re able to broadcast over both the AT&T Digital Broadcast Network and the LiveU Network. (Other broadcast distribution options are available.) 


  • Frame Rate Conversion
  • Format Up, Down and Cross Conversion
  • Transport Format Conversion (ASI to IP, L-Band to ASI & more)


  • LiveU Receive & Multi-point Distribution. We connect you to the world through the DTAGS HUB. We receive your LiveU signal and rebroadcast it around the world over the AT&T Digital Broadcast Network.
  • LiveU DTAGS is a provider of LiveU technology, which enables HD streaming from just about any location over bonded 4g LTE cellular networks. LiveU is both a reliable and flexible solution for a fraction of the cost versus a satellite truck or a microwave van.

Live ENG/ENP Camera Crews. Texas, Florida, New York, Dallas, Houston, Denver and beyond … We bring extensive experience in live broadcast and corporate video production to our projects. We can scale our products, so you only pay for exactly what you need.

Data Center Co-location & Hosting Services. As a leader in the encoding and distribution industry, DTAGS can encode your content and use a CDN of your choice for delivery. We also provide an array of CDN hosting options.  

Any Time. Any Format. Global Transmission.

DTAGS – An LTN Global Company

4K/HD/OTT Encoders & Decoders | ASI & IP Multiplexers | 4K/HD Frame Rate Converters | 4K/HD Format Converters | Satellite Modulators & Demodulators | Network Routers & Switches | 4K/HD Broadcast Monitors | Audio Monitors

DTAGS – An LTN Global Company

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